Fondant Here I Come

After making cakes for the kids birthdays for several years, I decided I wanted a more polished look. Welcome, Fondant.

For Gavyn’s 9th birthday he wanted a skateboard cake. At this point I had been watching Ace of Cakes (Duff is my hero) and I wanted to make an even awesomer cake than I ever had.

Fondant isn’t inexpensive, plus I didn’t really know what I was doing. So, the internet, my trusty research companion, found me a homemade fondant recipe – . Mmmmmm, marshmallow fondant. For all intents and purposes, it was an okay material to use. I have since learned that purchased fondant is much easier to work with.

With the help of my trusty artistic sidekick, Dooley, we sketched out a design for the skateboard cake. We wanted it to be really cool and to incorporate Tony Hawk style into it. Because he is the coolest skateboarder ever! (Sorry Jason Lee). Thanks to my trusty sidekick, we had a very cool customized stencil design with Gavyn’s name and a Tony Hawk bird – which is kinda creepy, but I suppose that is why boys like it. *shrug* I used this silly aerosol food coloring you can buy at Michael’s or a grocery store. I was skeptical that it would work, especially on black fondant.

Speaking of fondant……

I made my own courtesy of the recipe which I linked to above. And when it says to be careful because it is hot… um… they aren’t kidding. Hot marshmallow and powdered sugar from the microwave – scalding! After it cools, it’s just fine to play with… and fun. It’s all sticky and gooey  all over your hands and my kids were looking at me like I lost my mind (which, unbeknownst to them, I never had one – joke’s on them). Instead of food coloring, I went to Michael’s to try to find something else to color my fondant with… because I chose a really hard color – black. What was I thinking?!?! But I couldn’t very well have a pink or lemon yellow skateboard. And EUREKA! Wilton Color Gels came into my life! I kneaded my heart out to turn my homemade fondant a cool, calculating shade of black. Then I stopped when I realized that the best I was going to get was a black and gray marbled look. Oh well. First time is always experimental. Somehow I rolled out the fondant and my sidekick helped me put it over the cake which had been sculpted and frosted, with styrofoam blocks inserted in just the right place to later attach the trucks. Fondant on cake – check! Customized “airbrush” design – check! Trucks attached – check! Finished off with green frosting with a little green sugar atop and brown frosting with crushed faux oreos atop for grass and dirt, respectively.

Although the cake was a smashing success, my favorite part was probably the sparkler “candle” in the shape of a 9. Every year I put a number candle on my kids’ cakes instead of the individual ones adding up. I’m not sure why. Just a tradition I like… and I save them. But I told myself that birthday 10 is the last time I would do it because I don’t want them to feel like I’m treating them like little kids. But if they ask for it I will secretly jump up and down when they aren’t looking 🙂

If it wasn’t for my children, I may never have found out how much I enjoy making cakes. If it wasn’t for my incessant need for perfection, I may enjoy it more in the wee hours of the morning when I’m tweaking my design at the last minute… lol. But in the end, I’m proud of what I accomplished and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Till next time cakers!



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