I’m here to eat cake

I’ve been making cakes for about 7 years. Mind you, they didn’t start out as awesome as I am now… lol. My first one was for Gavyn’s 3rd birthday (he’s almost 11 now). He, like most kiddos his age, really like Bob the Builder. I decided I was going to make an awesome cake, better than the grocery store cakes I usually purchased for this kind of event. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and I had some time on my hands… and no friends… so I took on the task.

I made a regular rectangular cake and covered it in green frosting, which I colored myself with good old fashioned food coloring. I printed out pictures of buildings from bob the builder (on photo paper so it was sturdier – I’m always one step ahead…lol) and taped toothpicks to them and inserted into the top of the cake. But then, I needed some kind of path… gravel path… dirt path… to denote a “construction” area, because, after all, this was Bob the Builder. We wanted to see him in action. I crushed up graham crackers and oreos for that and spread it in a path-like fashion. And of course, Gavyn had all the little toys so I had Bob and Scoop and Dizzy helping us round out the picture of “We Can Do It!”. And as I stared at my awesome artistry, I felt something was missing.

A brick wall!!

I decided to make bricks out of jello and build a jello brick wall around the cake. In several different colors. And I did just that. I made jigglers, cut them into tiny rectangular bricks and built a wall all the way around that 9×11 cake. It was back breaking work…. mainly because I did the work at the coffee table and not at the kitchen table. Well, I couldn’t miss an episode of Frontier House on PBS, now could I.

Maybe one day I earth up a picture of that cake. Until then, you will just have to use your imagination.

Much love,



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