Cool as Satin Ice

Oh, Satin Ice…. how do I love thee…. let me…. wait, I can’t count if I haven’t used it yet – boo 😦

I haven’t had the pleasure of working with Satin Ice fondant just yet. But I cannot wait!! I hear nothing but amazing things about it, how perfect it looks, how amazed clients are by the inedible looking cake…. I’m excited to work with this medium

I do use Wilton Fondant, which is fabulous. But I hear the Satin Ice tastes a tad better and besides— all the greats use it:

Duff Goldman (my cake boyfriend 🙂 ) – Also know as the Ace of Cakes
Charm City Cakes,
Baltimore, MD

Ron Ben-Israel
Ron Ben-Israel Cakes,
New York, City

Elisa Strauss (my girl!)
Confetti Cakes,
New York City

Buddy Valastro – Also know as Cake Boss
Carlo’s Bakery,
Hoboken, NJ

Kerry Vincent (very, very, very tough judge 😦 )
Director of Oklahoma
Sugar Art Show
Food Network
Challenge judge

Jorge Amsler
Truly Jorg’s Patisserie,
Saugus, MA

And so many more!

I’m a sucker for peer pressure 🙂

They also have free video tutorials of certain aspects of fondant manipulation…. you are my god of cakedom, Satin Ice *mwah*

Have a great night cakers!



One Response to “Cool as Satin Ice”

  1. Marilyn Oliva Says:

    Okay, I went to the cake store today to get some supplies and asked for the Satin Ice. She showed it to me but recommended I get the Fondx. I was hesitant b/c I had never heard of it. Then I looked at prices. $35 for five pounds of SI and $40 for 10 pounds of Fondx. She said F is actually the best but they don’t pay for all the advertising SI does to get on shows and such. I bought the F to try for the cake I am making today and OMGOSH!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It’s so smooth, tastes Fantastic! I will NOT go back to Wilton! I’m ruined for other fondant now!

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