Freaky Friday 1/29/10: Oh Rats

by Barbara Jo and Barbara May - sisters who love horror



Yes, cakers this is really cake. Here is the site I found this lovely piece of  cake work at…. called Do It Myself by Barbara Jo and Barbara May, sisters who love horror. The best part is the sequence of pictures from innocent beginning to final piece of bloody nastiness – Mwahahahaha. Some people are just sick.

What cake artists can do to cake can be amazing…. sometimes even stomach turning. These two Barbara’s are amazing – also check out their website

I am sharing this recent picture find with you so we can begin…


No, not the movie (either of them) even though Ms. Lohan is freakier than anything I can find made of cake – HAHA take that – me: 1, lohan: zero (or richer and skinnier than me, but whatev’s). Every Friday I will find and post something Freaky. By the by, I’m a big fan of alliteration, ask my sidekick- he’s constantly annoyed with me because of it.

Are you thoroughly excited yet… are ya? Finally, a reason to look forward to Fridays!


I don’t….

what’s that now?…. really?….

oh, ok…. I get it now

Um, this just in…. uh, cakers…. apparently I’m not the first person to give you a reason to look forward to Fridays….*cough* or the second even…. Regardless…. TADA!! On with our regularly scheduled blog–

If you find anything you wanna see on Freaky Friday, I’d love to see it- and I just might use it and give you all the credit, email it to me at

I hope you all have swallowed the vomit that crept into your mouth or wiped the saliva from your jowls (hey, everyone has their thing- don’t knock it). Keep your eyes peeled for Freaky Friday worthiness!

Let them eat ARMS! toodles cakers,



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